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Why You Need To Stay At Getaway House

Getaway House: Everything You Need To Know Before Your Stay

I have a question for you? Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the corporate world? Are you looking to leave work, pack your bags, hop in the car and getaway? If you answered yes to those questions than I have the perfect weekend getaway for you! Welcome to Getaway House!

Getaway House offers tiny cabins located throughout the US
Getaway House offers tiny cabins in nature located throughout the country.

What is Getaway House?

Getaway House was founded in 2015 after the owner decided to quit his demanding job and realized the critical importance of nature on one's well-being, productivity and happiness. The soul concept of Getaway House is to allow you the opportunity to disconnect and distance yourself from the daily demands of work, schedules and technology. This concept has grown in popularity because let's face it, we all deserve a stress-free escape from our daily lives every now and then.

Getaway House has 19 locations throughout the US
Getaway House has 19 locations throughout the US

Getaway House offers tiny cabins with simple escapes to nature that are located within 2 hours of major cities across the country. Currently there are 19 locations throughout the US. The Getaway House that I booked a stay at is the Outpost at Barber Creek. This Outpost is an Escape from Chicago according to Getaway House but I feel like this should be an Escape from both Chicago and Detroit, and here is why. The Outpost at Barber Creek is located 2 hours outside of Chicago and 2.5 hours from Metro Detroit in Grand Junction, MI, which is approximately 15 mins from South Haven on the shores of Lake Michigan. Both Chicago and Detroit have a large population of working millennials that are looking for a weekend escape from the corporate world.

What's included in your Getaway House stay?

A stay at Getaway House is meant to be stress-free and they have really thought of everything to help you have a relaxing getaway. So what are some of the amenities that Getaway House offers?

Let's first talk about all of the modern amenities that the cabins offer on the inside. All Getaway House cabins range in size from 140-200 square feet that accommodate 2-4 guests depending on the cabin. Each cabin has either a queen size bed or queen bunks with memory foam mattresses and fresh linens. In addition to a bed, the cabins also have a table with a chair and bench where you can play games, journal, eat, etc..

These cute tiny cabins really maximize their space and functionality. The cabins have kitchenettes with all of the essentials that will make cooking meals easy. So what exactly does the kitchenette provide? Each kitchenette is fully equipped with a mini fridge, two-burner stove, pots, pans, dishes, cups and silverware. There is a sink that also provides clean drinking water. Getaway House has also stocked the cabin with paper towel and condiments such as salt, pepper, packets of olive oil, sugar and individual coffee creamers. They really have thought of everything, so you don't have to!

What is included in each Getaway House Cabin?
What is included in each Getaway House Cabin?

A kitchenette is not the only modern amenity that Getaway House offers. Each cabin also offers a fully functioning private ensuite bathroom! The bathrooms feature full size toilets and a shower with hot water. To keep things stress-free, they also provide toilet paper, bath towels and biodegradable shower products!

Before we move to the outside of the cabin, I also want to touch on some other modern amenities and thoughtful additions to the cabins. The cabins do have power with lights, outlets and USB charging ports. Each cabin also provides both heat and air conditioning so you can stay at a Getaway House all year round. There is a bluetooth speaker where you can play the radio or listen to your own tunes. Getaway House also had safety in mind when designing these tiny cabins. Each tiny cabin has a fire extinguisher, doors that lock and an emergency red phone. Last but not least, to have a truly disconnected stay, there is a cellphone lockbox where you can place your cellphone so you can truly disconnect to the outside world.

Now let's talk about the outside of the cabin! Each tiny cabin sits on their own lot of land surrounded but trees which makes you feel like you are completely alone in nature. The trees also block the view of any other neighboring cabins and guests. Each cabin has their own private parking area and outdoor space to be enjoyed. Your outdoor space includes a picnic table, a fire pit with grill plate and a set of chairs. Please keep in mind, if you booked an accommodation for four people, there will be four chairs.

Are dogs allowed?

Let's face it, our four legged friends come with us everywhere so I am sure you are wondering if Getaway House in dog friendly. And the answer to the question is YES! In fact it is HIGHLY encouraged! Getaway House provides your pet with two dog bowls, a leash line, poop bags and a small treat!

Dogs are allowed at Getaway House and they supply dog bowls, poop bags, a long leash and treats
If you bring your pup to Getaway House, you will be supplied dog bowls, towels, poop bags, a long leash and treats!

If you are bringing your dog, Getaway House has a few rules that they expect you to follow during your stay. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when outside. Dogs can not be left inside the cabin if guests are to leave the area. It is the guests responsibility to clean up all dog litter immediately. If your dog is noisy, you will received one warning before you will be requested to leave. And last but not least, Getaway is not liable for your dog if there should be any claim.

Dogs are allowed at Getaway House with a one time fee of $40 at booking
Dogs are HIGHLY encouraged at Getaway House for a one time fee of $40 at booking!

Next question is, Is there a fee if I decide to bring my dog? The answer to that is also yes. Dogs are allowed at all Getaway House locations for a $40 fee per stay. When booking your stay at Getaway House, make sure you click the box if your four legged friend will be joining you on this getaway.

Dogs loves a stay at Getaway House
Mojo loved his time at Getaway and your dog will too!

What should you bring to Getaway House?

Now that you have booked a stay at a Getaway House location, it's time to prepare for your stay. So what should you bring?

Let's face it, you are here to disconnect and unwind, so leave all of the unnecessary things at home. I recommend bringing only the essentials. The essentials for me were comfy clothes because I fully intended on not doing much during my stay at Getaway House, so comfort was key. I packed a pair of leggings, a long sleeve shirt, sweat pants and a sweatshirt. As for toiletries, I packed only items I knew I would use such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and face wash.

Getaway House is a place to disconnect and relax
Getaway House is a place to disconnect and relax

Since there is no WiFi and limited cell service, I recommend bringing something for entertainment. I have friends who recently stayed at a getaway house and they brought a board game. I personally packed a book. Keep in mind, each Getaway House cabin does have a small bluetooth radio, cards and books to help keep you busy. Each location has a walking path on the property as well. A map is provided in each cabin at time of check in.

Bring food with you or you can buy a Provision box for $30
Bring food with you or you can buy a Provision box for $30

Next item that you need to bring with you is food! I mean you need to eat right? Most Getaway Houses are not close to restaurants where you can leave and come back. So I highly recommend packing your own food for your stay. I brought easy to make meals. If you intend on cooking over the fire pit, please note that the pots and pans that are provided are NOT to be used outside, so please bring your own pot/pan that can be used over an open fire or aluminum foil; both of which are not provided at the cabin.

For all of my coffee drinkers, I also recommend bringing a French press or a pour over coffee maker as there is no coffee maker that is supplied at the cabin. They do provide a kettle for you too heat up water. I brought my own coffee and French press so I could enjoy my morning cup of joe!

So what if you forget something? Don't sweat it, Getaway House has you covered! They give you several options to purchase provisions during your stay. At the time of booking, you have the opportunity to purchase a Sustenance Box for $30 which includes all non-perishable items for two people. Now if you brought your own food but say you forgot coffee, each cabin has a basket of provisions you can purchase during your stay. I personally bought the s'more kit, a bundle of fire wood and a fire starter from the provisions list. Whatever provisions you purchase during your stay at Getaway House, the items are charged to the card on file after check out.

What to expect during Check-In and Check-Out?

The check-in and check-out process is easy and completely contactless. Upon booking your stay at a Getaway House location, you receive an e-mail with the address to your Getaway location. From there, you receive no other information until the day of your stay.

Day of your stay, you will receive several different text messages. The first text message let's you know what time you can check-in, which is 3PM. In this text message they also let you know that you will not receive your cabin name or key code to the cabin until 30 mins prior to check-in. In this text you will also receive a link to the outpost map. I highly recommend downloading this map prior to arrival just in case you have no cell service.

At approximately 2PM I received a text with my cabin name and key code. Getaway House has made check-in so easy. With the outpost map, I found my cabin easily, used my key code to get in and my escape officially started!

The check-out process is just as simple! Check-out is at 11AM. Day of check out, you will receive another text message just reminding you of your check out time. Once you are ready to leave, you leave the cabin as is and you are back to your daily life recharged and ready to take on the week!

Why I think you NEED to stay at Getaway House

If you have any type of job, then let's face it, you NEED a stay at Getaway House! The daily demands that life throws our way can really impact our mood and mental well-being. As a nurse, I know this far too well. I use travel as a way to reset, relax and recharge. Travel always changes my thoughts on life and reduces stress. So I encourage others to travel as well to escape the 9 to 5 one adventure at a time to improve both your physical and mental well-being.

It is said that spending time in nature and disconnected from a world of social media can greatly improve one's mood, reduce feelings of stress and anger, help you feel more relaxed and improve your physical and mental health, just to name a few benefits. I think it is important to put ourselves first for once. And you can do that by booking a relaxing stay at Getaway House. I can almost guarantee that after your stay, you won't regret the time you spent disconnected!

My Experience

I absolutely loved my experience at the Getaway House Chicago location! I was able to leave all of my stressors at home, even it was for only a night. I left my cellphone in the lockbox that was provided and was able to be fully present. I feel like I haven't been able to be fully present in a long time. Being able to escape to the woods, build a fire, be alone in my thoughts and read a book was exactly what I needed. And I know if I needed it, there are so many out there that do as well.

Getaway House, where free time in second nature
An escape to nature has so many benefits on one's physical and mental well-being.

I also want to touch base on my thoughts of booking a Getaway House as a solo female traveler. Yes, I went to the woods and booked a tiny cabin by myself! That may shock a lot of you, but I am truly comfortable with myself and I revel in my own solitude. So if you are someone who travels solo or would like to start solo traveling, I feel like this is the perfect getaway!

If this is your first time traveling solo, I think this is the perfect way to start! You are not far from home, you are not in a foreign country and you don't need to interact with anyone else. I know those can be reasons that are scary and anxiety ridden for those who have never traveled solo before. So I believe being able to be in a tiny cabin by yourself can be the perfect first solo adventure!

I also want to touch on safety real quick because I know that is a main topic of discussion for most people before they travel. I felt 100% safe in my Getaway House cabin! Yes you are in the woods, but you are not alone. There are neighboring cabins not far away, in fact you can see the other cabins from your fire pit. So you are not completely alone by yourself in the woods. Getaway House provides a red phone in each cabin to connect with someone at Getaway House if needed. And each cabin has a keyless lock which can be locked from the inside. On the inside of the cabin, there is also an additional lock that only can be locked from the inside. So if safety is a concern of yours, don't worry, Getaway House has thought of it all to make sure you have a safe and stress-free getaway!

I hope you have found this to be helpful in either deciding to book your stay at Getaway House or in planning for your future stay. If you have any other questions regarding Getaway House or my experience, please leave me a comment and I would be happy to answer to the best of my ability. In addition to my blog post, I also have a full YouTube video on my time at Getaway House so feel free to check it out! See you in my next adventure, where ever it may be!

Check out my Getaway House YouTube video ⤵️

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