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Mystic Hot Springs: Utah's BEST Kept Secret

Utah is full of hidden gems but did you know one of Utah's best kept secrets is located only 2.5 hours south of Salt Lake City? Located in central Utah is a small town called Monroe and is home to a thermal hot spring called Mystic Hot Springs. These hot springs are so unique that you are going to want to add this to your Utah road trip itinerary and here is why.

Ok let's face it, if you have done any research on Utah, I am sure you may have come across a picture or two of these truly instagram worthy hot springs. But are they worth stopping at? In my personal opinion, YES I believe they need to be added to your Utah itinerary and this is everything you NEED to know before you go.

These hot springs are truly magical and unique. Some even describe Mystic Hot Springs as a one-of-a-kind place for one specific reason. Nestled up against a hill in nowhere Utah are these cast iron bathtubs filled with mineral-rich waters. The idea of these cast iron bathtubs scattered on "the hill" gives off a fun, care-free hippie vibe that makes this place truly unique.

About Mystic Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs is the perfect addition to any Utah road trip that involves hiking because the waters provide a truly spectacular soaking experience. The mineral-rich waters travel in a cascading movement throughout the property. This cascading movement of water constantly flows at 200 gallons per minute into two concrete pools and six vintage cast iron bathtubs.

The two concrete pools are vastly different. The shallow pool is two feet deep that features a waterfall. This waterfall was created to allow for a heavenly massage with the mineral rich waters. The deeper pool is four feet deep, which is perfect for muscle strengthening and stretching.

About the waters

Unlike most hot springs, Mystic Hot Springs has no sulfur in the water. Which means there will be no pungent smell. This also means no shower is necessary after soaking. But that leaves us with the question, what minerals are found in the waters at Mystic Hot Springs.

The main mineral that is found in the waters at Mystic Hot Springs is calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is excellent for skin, bones and for soothing sore, achy muscles. Which is why this is the perfect addition to any trip in Utah that includes hiking! We added this stop at the end of our week long trip in Moab that consisted of lots of hiking and we can say this was the perfect way to end our trip. It helped relax and soothe our sore muscles.

What is the average temperature of the waters at Mystic Hot Springs? The temperatures of the soaking areas are usually between 99-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

girl soaking in a natural hot spring at Mystic Hot Springs
Soaking in one of the bath tubs

What is the Cost?

Mystic Hot Springs can only be visited by reservation only. Your reservation is for a 2-hour time slot and give you the opportunity to enjoy a secluded soaking experience for a group of up to four people. A 2-hour soaking pass cost $25 per adult and $12.50 for children 12 and under. To reserve your time slot and purchase your soaking pass, please visit their website.

*All bookings and sales for Mystic Hot Springs are non-refundable.*

Is Mystic Hot Springs Clean?

Mystic Hot Springs prides themselves on keeping the facilities clean and safe for all of those who visit. The bathtubs are drained and cleaned a few times throughout the day and the pools are drained and cleaned bi-weekly. But with that being said, the consistent flow of water stays clean and hygienic. Please note that the water is naturally cloudy due the the minerals in the water, not because the water is dirty.

From our experience, Mystic Hot Springs was extremely clean. We spent time in both pools and the bathtubs and found them to be clean. The grounds we're also clean. Located on the property is community showers, which were also really clean.

Girl soaking in one of the bath tubs at Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe Utah
Peacefully relaxing with an amazing view

Know Before You Go

Before you visit Mystic Hot Springs, there are just a few things that you need to know.

  • Quiet hours are from 9pm until 9am

  • Mystic Hot Springs are not responsible for any lost or left behind belongings

  • You MUST bring your own towel

  • Mystic Hot Springs does NOT allow alcohol, nudity, glass containers, dogs, food, amplified music, smoking or any illegal activities in the hot springs or any public area on property

Are you traveling with a dog? Please not that dogs are allowed on the property but must be leashed in the campground area ONLY. For those who are visiting Mystic Hot Springs for soaking only, you are responsible for keeping your dog safe and comfortable in your own vehicle. For those who are staying overnight, there are certain units that allows dogs. At the time of booking make sure the unit you are booking allows dogs.

Can I Stay Overnight at Mystic Hot Springs?

Mystic Hot Springs has several different unique accommodations to choose from and these accommodations are not like your typical hotel. They over campsite sites in grassy areas under big trees and full RV hook-ups and pull throughs. Don't have an RV or want to camp? Mystic Hot Springs also offers nightly accommodations in unique hippie buses or pioneer cabins.

  • Cabins and Buses: $100/night

  • Campsite: $25/night/person

  • RV Site: 25/night/person RV Hookup Includes water, electricity and sewer. $10/day

How to get to Mystic Hot Springs?

Mystic Hot Springs is located 2 hours south of Salt Lake City. If you are coming from Salt Lake City, I-15 south to the Scipio exit number 188, take Hwy 50 east (approx 25 miles) to I-70 west, proceed to exit 31, go left at bottom of the off-ramp, continue for 2 miles, then go right on Hwy 118 for 3-4 miles to center of Monroe, turn left on 100 North and go up the hill 5 blocks to the big white building at end of road. Mystic Hot Springs is easy to reach from the highway. For precise location details, please see the interactive Google Map below.

My Honest Review

Would I recommend Mystic Hot Springs? Yes, I would but I don't know if it is for everyone and here is why. Mystic Hot Springs is a very unique and quirky place. You will need to go into it with an open mind. From the moment you arrive you will see hippie buses and wonder where the hot springs are at.

It's also important to note that these hot springs are a bit of an instagram vs reality situation. What I mean by this is, all of the photos that you see of Mystic Hot Springs makes you feel as if you are secluded in the mountains and this place is anything but. Yes, the hot springs are scattered up on the "hill" but it is not as secluded as you may think. You overlook the town and it is as if it's in a backyard. The seclusion comes from the fact that you will be soaking only with those who are in your reservation.

With that being said, for me, I felt like it was worth a stop. We added Mystic Hot Springs to the end of our trip, after a long week of hiking and it was the perfect way for us to relax. We stopped at Mystic Hot Springs on our way back to Salt Lake City from Moab. It wasn't exactly on the way back but wasn't completely out of our way either.

As for our time there, we rented a camper van and reserved a full hook up RV site for the night. We had full hook up with running water and electricity. There were shared showers and bathrooms which we used and were surprised at how clean everything was. We spent a little over 2 hours in the hot springs and had the area completely to ourselves which was nice. The water was hot but not too hot. I honestly couldn't think of a better way to soothe sore muscles and relax before hopping on a plane back home.

At the end of the day, adding Mystic Hot Springs to your road trip itinerary is going to depend whether or not you think it is worth it. Personally we enjoyed our time and after a full week of hiking, being able to soak in these mineral rich waters was relaxing.

I hope that I was able to either share with you a new location or help convince you to make a stop at Mystic Hot Springs on your road trip through Utah. Because this is truly one of Utah's best kept secret.

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