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Hi, I'm Kayla! I'm just your average 30-something who went to college, became a Registered Nurse and realized I wanted to work to live instead of living to work! So let's start from the beginning!

I did not grow up in a family where we took extravagant trips around the world. In fact, here in Michigan most of our vacations included "going Up North." As much as I loved family time in my beautiful home state of Michigan, I knew there was a much larger world out there that I wanted to experience. So let's fast forward to the ripe age of 21 where I had my first opportunity to spread my wings and take a trip to Europe. This was my first of many international flights that sparked my need to see the world!


















I fell in love with the different cultures, sights, food and people from the places I visited. The more I traveled, the larger my bucket list began to grow. And I knew I had to figure out how I could start checking off those bucket list items while still also achieving my career goals that I worked so hard for in college. I spent my breaks at work googling where I could travel to next. I put money aside from each pay check to afford my next trip. And I began taking full advantage of my CTO and long weekends.

Every conversation I had with co-workers, family and friends always started off with, "So Kayla, where are you off to next?" This sparked such happiness inside of me. I would share all of my past, present and future travels with anyone who would listen. I also loved hearing about their travels, which then would only make my bucket list grow larger. One day I realized that this travel community is so much larger than my family, friends and co-workers. And that is when I decided to start sharing my adventures with the world!


I bought my first GoPro in 2016 and that is when my YouTube journey began! I started off with quick montages of my trips to share with family and friends. It wasn't until 2019 when I started to take YouTube more seriously and that is when The Wanderful Life of Kayla started!

Fast forward to three years later, I have now traveled to 30+ countries, checked off many bucket list items, traveled solo and met some of the most amazing people that I am now lucky to call friends. I have created a YouTube community of over 2.7K+ subscribers where I share all of travel adventures and mishaps with. I use my platform to encourage others that it is possible to find time to travel all while achieving those careers goals. 

So, I'm just a girl in front of a camera escaping the 9-5, or in my case 12 hour shifts, one adventure at a time and I am encouraging the world to do the same! 

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