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5 BEST Day Trips from Split Croatia

Are you looking for the Best Day Trips from Split Croatia? If you answered yes, you are in the right place! Split's location makes it the perfect hub for day trips to the surrounding islands along the Dalmatian Coast and to Croatia's National Parks.

Split Croatia is located along the Dalmatian Coast and is the second largest city in Croatia. Split is the perfect mix of modern life and ancient city. This vibrant port city offers a thriving night life, beautiful beaches with the clearest waters and is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Diocletian's Palace. You could spend days exploring Old Town Split while immersing yourself in the ancient Roman history, getting lost down the cobblestone streets and dining on some of the most exquisite cuisine. So it is no wonder that Split is becoming one of the hottest low-key travel destinations.

The view from the Fortica on Hvar is a must see during your trip to the island of Hvar
View of Hvar from the Fortica

While I was researching my trip to Croatia, I knew I wanted to island hop to some of the coasts most idyllic islands. As I was looking at the logistics, I quickly realized that basing myself in Split was the best option for the many day trips I wanted to take. There are dozens of islands near by, surrounding coastal cities, national parks and day trips to other countries, such as Bosnia that make for the perfect day trips from Split. These are my TOP 5 BEST day trips from Split Croatia that I think you need to take!

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Day Trips from Split Croatia

Day trips to Split's surrounding islands, national parks and bordering countries are easily accessible by either ferry, local transportation, and/or organized tour. Most of these day trips are easy to do on your own but as always if you feel most comfortable with an organized tour those are available as well. I will give you options for both and provide recommended tours from Get Your Guide. Some of these day trips I did with an organized tour, which I will link the exact tour.

1. Day Trip to Trogir from Split Croatia

A day trip to Trogir is the best day trip from Split Croatia
Day trip to the island of Trogir

Trogir is a tiny island that is connected to both mainland Croatia and the Island of Čiovo by bridges. In fact the island is only 500m long and 250m wide, which makes it easy to see the full island in one day.

Trogir is is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is named the Little Venice of Dalmatia. The island is set within medieval walls with a seaside promenade lined with bars, cafes and yachts. The promenade is connected to the Old Town which is adorned with 13th and 15th century castles and churches by tiny cobblestone streets. With it's close proximity to Split and the endless amount of things to do in Trogir, it's no wonder that this has become one of Split's best day trips!

How To Get To Trogir

Trogir is located approximately 25km north of Split and this close proximity makes it an easy day trip. There are several different ways you can get to Trogir from Split which include by ferry, bus, car or by organized tour. The way you get to Trogir is totally going to be up to you and your comfort level. I first want to talk about the way I arrived to Trogir and that is by ferry.

Trogir is easy reached by ferry from Split in approximately 60 mins. There is only one ferry that services Trogir from Split and that is the Bura Line. The Bura Line ferry docks right at the Split Harbor along the Riva. The ferry ticket costs 35 HRK (approximately $5.25 USD) each way and is purchased on board the ferry. The ferry only operates from May to September, so please check the website for ferry times.

You can also reach Trogir from land. Whether you hire a personal car or you can take the bus. Hiring a car will be the more expensive option. If you are on a budget, both the intercity and Split city bus 37 have routes to Trogir. The Split City Bus 37 will cost you 13 HRK (approximately $2 USD) one way. To find the timetable for the bus click here.

The last option to reach Trogir is by booking an organized tour. If you walk along Split's Riva, you will notice several stands trying to sell you the "5 Island Day Trip." Most of these trips include a stop at Trogir. So if you are limited on time and don't mind not having your own freedom to explore the island then this is a good option. Below are a few tour options with stops in Trogir!

I think the island of Trogir is one of Croatia's most underrated islands and think it is worth visiting if you have the time. Depending on the length of your trip to Croatia will determine the length of time you spend on the island. But I do think a day trip to Trogir is something that you need to do if you are visiting Split. If you want to see what a day on the island of Trogir is like, check out my YouTube video below.

2. Day Trip to Hvar from Split Croatia

Trogir is not the only island off the coast of Split that makes for a great day trip. The next island that I think makes for a great day trip is the island of Hvar. The island of Hvar is notably one of the most famous islands within the Dalmatian Coast. During the summer months this island's harbor is filled with yachts and the island is buzzing with tourists and locals alike. Known for it's secluded pristine beaches and lively nightlife, this island is a must visit during your time in Croatia.

Spend your day trip to Hvar from Split Croatia at one of Hvar's beaches like Pokonji dol beach
Pokonji dol Beach on Hvar

How To Get To Hvar

Hvar is a short ferry ride from Split, which makes this the perfect day trip! There are two ferry companies that have routes to the island of Hvar all year round. During high season, there is approximately 20 journeys per day. The journey time will differ depending on the route, but roughly estimate anywhere from 50 minutes to 2 hours. The two ferry companies that I recommend are Kapetan Luka and Jadrolinija. If you are planning a trip to Hvar, please check their websites for ferry times. The cost for a one way ticket ranges from 40 to 110 HRK (or approximately $6-16.50 USD) depending on the time of year. Expect to pay more during peak season. Tickets can be purchases in advanced on the website or at the ferry port day or travel.

If traveling to the island of Hvar on your own seems a little daunting or you prefer to be shown the island by a tour guide, don't worry there are several tours available for you to choose from. With day trips aboard catamarans to the island of Hvar or a stop at Hvar included in a 5 Island Boat Tour, the options are endless for you to choose from. Below are two tours that are the most popular way to see the island of Hvar.

I personally explored the island of Hvar on my own. I liked having the freedom of exploring the island and being on my own schedule. I purchased my ticket to Hvar Town the morning of my departure. I took the first ferry over and the last ferry back to Split to ensure I had a full day to explore. My day included walking around Hvar Town, spending a good part of the afternoon at Pokonji dol beach and watched sunset at the Fortica (Hvar Fortress). If you are interested in exploring the island on your own, check out my YouTube video below to see how you can spend a full day on the island of Hvar.

3. Day Trip to Brač from Split Croatia

The last island that I think makes for the best day trip from Split is the island of Brač. Brač is an island located in the Adriatic Sea between the island of Hvar and Split Old Town. This island is best known for it's white-pebble beach named Zlatni Rat. If you google any photo of Brač, this beach is what you will see and it will be enough to sell you on a trip to this lesser known island.

How To Get To Brač

So if you are staying in Split and you are looking for the perfect beach day, I highly recommend a day trip to Brač. You can reach Brač via ferry. There are two ferry ports on the island of Brač but please keep in mind that if you plan on visiting Zlatni Rat then you will need to catch the ferry to Bol. The ferry that I took is called KSC Jaffa. This ferry is located at the port in Split near the Polaris sail boat. Tickets can be purchased across from the boat day of sail. Tickets cost 100 HRK (approximately $15 USD). Please keep in mind this is a direct boat to Bol with limited departure days and times so please keep this in mind when planning your trip to Brač.

Brač is the best day trip from Split Croatia where you can enjoy your day at Zlatni Rat beach
Zlatni Rat Beach on Brač Croatia

4. Day Trip to Krka National Park from Split Croatia

A day trip to one of Croatia's many islands along the Dalmatian Coast is not the only day trip that you can take from Split. Another day trip from Split takes you an hour and a half north to Krka National Park. Krka National Park is located along the Krka River and is best know for it's series of 7 waterfalls.

A day trip to Krka National Park from Split is one of these most popular day trips
Day Trip to Krka National Park

Krka National Park is not as famous as Plitvice Lakes National Park but one perk to visiting Krka is the proximity to Split. The proximity makes for a very doable day trip. Another reason to choose Krka over Plitvice as a day trip is the amount of time and money you will be saving. Not to mention the crowds. Krka is more affordable and far less crowded than the more famous Plitvice Lakes.

How To Get To Krka National Park

Krka National Park is one of the most popular day trips that you can take from Split. Therefore, there are several different options you can choose from to get to Krka National Park. You can hire a private car, take a public bus from Split bus station to Skradin, or you can take an organized tour. I choose the last option and it was perfect!

My reasoning to choose an organized tour was to make sure I was maximizing my time and I wanted to learn more about the national park from a local guide. I booked a tour through Get Your Guide which included my transportation via bus to Krka National Park, my entry ticket into the park, a ferry ride along Krka River, free time in the park and an afternoon in a coastal town called Primošten where I had free time. As you can see, booking an organized tour to see Krka National Park was made easy as all of the logistics were taken care of by the tour company. If you are interested in the exact tour that I booked you can click here to see the tour in detail. You can also watch my YouTube video below where I share my experience at Krka National Park and the little town of Primošten.

5. Day Trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Split Croatia

The last and final day trip that I think you need to take from Split is to the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This day trip is one that I recommend if you plan on staying in Croatia for a longer period of time since this day trip is a long one. When I was planning my two week trip to Croatia, I knew I had to add this day trip to my itinerary and I think you need to as well.

I booked a tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina specifically to see the magical city of Mostar. But the tour that I choose was so much more than Mostar. Our tour started off first thing in the morning. We were greeted by a local guide from Bosnia where we learned the basic history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our first stop was to Medjugorje Sanctuary where it is said the Virgin Mary appeared in front of six witnesses. After the sanctuary you will spend your afternoon in Mostar. A guided walking tour around the city is included with a local guide from Mostar who is passionate about his city which is followed by free time. You can spend your free time walking around Mostar, buying souvenirs, watching the bridge jumpers, or experience a traditional Bosnian coffee or food. After Mostar we headed to Kravica Waterfall where we were able to swim.

My time in Bosnia was short but so worth while. I encourage you to think of a day trip to this underrated country. This is a day trip that will be unforgettable and one that you will be happy you decided to do. If you want to see what a day trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina is like, please check out my YouTube video below.


Split Croatia is an amazing city to explore. But as you can see, basing yourself in Split allows you to explore beyond Split and really experience the Dalmatian Coast. With so many different day trip options within a short distance from Split's Old Town, it will be hard to choose which day trip will be a part of your Croatian itinerary. But I hope you found this helpful in deciding which day trip from Split you are going to plan. If anything, this just shows you how great Split is as a base to explore the Dalmatian Coast and beyond!

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5 BEST Day Trips from Split Croatia
5 BEST Day Trips from Split Croatia



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