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My Story

travel content creator | podcast host

Hi, I'm Kayla! I'm just your average 30-something young professional from Michigan who is in search of a healthy work-life balance. If we have that in common and you are also in search of a healthy work-life balance, let's be travel besties and let me inspire, encourage and help you travel more with a 9-5. Because guess what, you don't need to quit your job or sell all of your belongings to see the world. 

Hi, I'm Kayla also known as The Wanderful Life of Kayla on YouTube!

Let's be travel besties

Let's be besties and help each other travel more with a 9-5!

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Follow along my adventures as I virtually take you with me on my YouTube channel.



Find inspiration for your next trip with one of my destination approved blog posts.



Listen to the podcast up in the air on your next flight!


let's be travel besties

travel with me

Do you want to travel more but don't have anyone to go with? I'll go with you! Let's be real life travel besties. Join one of my bucket list group trips where we will explore a destination together!

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