Escaping the  9-5 one ADVENTURE at a time!

The Wanderful Life of Kayla

The Wanderful Life of Kayla


I'm Kayla!

Registered Nurse. Traveler. YouTuber.

I'm Kayla, the girl behind The Wanderful Life of Kayla. I am a full time Registered Nurse and part time travel vlogger who is just trying to see the world between my 12 hour shifts. I call Michigan home, and as beautiful as my home state is, I long to explore this world and experience other cultures.
My love for travel started when I took my first international flight to Belgium to see my best friend. It was the first time I really got to experience the world and it sparked this need for me to see more. Over the years, I have visited 30+ countries, took the leap into solo travel, met my best friends and checked off some major bucket list items. I began documenting my travels along the way and had this silly idea to create The Wanderful Life of Kayla, a YouTube channel to share all my travels with friends and family.

My YouTube channel started off as a way to share all of my crazy adventures with friends, family and coworkers who always wanted to see where I was off to next. This hobby of putting together quick montages of my travels turned into more of a passion project as my audience grew from a close intimate group of friends and family to a group of wanderers around the world who are trying to escape the corporate world one adventure at a time. 

Not only do I share my adventures on YouTube, you can find me on Instagram, where I share more of my personal life and the behind the scenes of my travels. My audience looks to me for travel advice and inspiration. I often find myself giving advice on how to find time to travel while working full time in the corporate world. I am the perfect example that you can find that work life balance that we are all seeking to achieve.

I am excited to share my life, advice and adventures with you all! Life is full of adventures and I can not wait to take you along with me. So the question is, are you ready?

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